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  Apr 19 2015

to feel AMAZING



 Body treatments, scrubs and wraps are an age old tradition and are at the heart of any spa experience.  At The SkinSpa we use holistic wellness principles along with the finest natural ingredients to promote ultimate health and beauty for your body, mind, and spirit.
Soothe, hydrate, detoxify and slim your body while you enjoy the quiet retreat of our spa and the meditative, private and personalized nature of our urban sanctuary.




NEW! BioSlimming Body Treatment from Paris
$150 per treatment
Series of 6 - $750,  Includes take home products! ($125 each treatment)

Targeting cellulite and fat, it burns calories, enhances weight loss and slims, firms and tones producing instantly visible and long lasting results from the first treatment.

Aromatherapy Seasonal Body Scrub      
30 / 60 / 90 Minutes    $45 / $80 / $115

Using uplifting therapeutic pumice to gently removes dead cells from the surface of the skin,
a replenishing aromatic cream is smoothed onto the body for deep penetrating moisture. 
Season scents include:
 Apl - Jun Spring Blossom (lavender/neroli)
July - Aug Tropical (coconut / hybiscus)
Sept - Nov Autumn Renew (pumpkin / spice)
Dec - Feb Holiday Spice (chocolate / mint)

Espresso Limon Slim & Fit

60 / 90 Minutes       $110 / $145

A highly detoxifying, firming body treatment using a luxurious, all-natural Espresso Limon Slimming Oil, with exclusive Euro Body Brushing to rid the body of stagnate toxins,
cellulite and water retention. For a body that looks and feels slimmer and smoother!

Face N Body Therapy
60 / 90 Minutes       $110 / $145

The ultimate therapy for the whole body! We combine our full body massage with a european-style facial. Includes 30 minutes of massage and a 30 minute facial.  Extend your treatment time for a full 90 minutes for a complete rejuvenating and relaxing experience. 

Back 2 Face Treatment

60 / 90 Minutes       $120 / $145

A purifying back scurb and mud mask provides exfoliating and detoxifying benefits. 
 Then experience our seasonal spa facial special for deep cleansing, purifying and an improved complexion! 90 minute threatment includes scalp and foot therapy.

Sunless Tanning
30 / 60 Minutes  $45 / $80

An odorless, natural tanning cream is massaged into the body to achieve a healthy bronzed glow without harmful sun rays. Skin must set for a minimum of two hours to achieve maximum results. An all over body exfoliation with 60 min treatment ensures even, lasting coverage.  Results last up to 12 days.

Back Facial or AHA Back Peel
60 Min     $90

A Luxurious and deep cleansing treatment for the back incorporating facial –quality products, essential oils and mineral clays or AHA Peel (glycolic) to purify, tone and hydrate this often-neglected part of the body.