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  Apr 25 2015

Escape to The SkinSpa for an hour or two to relax and restore balance to your life.
Enjoy exclusive mens services specifically designed for our male clientele.  Choose from an array of treatments and packages or we can help create a customized spa package from our menu.
For questions
email or call us 562-427-1025


 Guinot Hydradermie Man  
60 mins $125    80 min $160
Using galvanic current, to deep cleanse, rehydrate deeper layers and speed up regeneration, leaving the skin moisturized, toned and glowing. Specifically for men is the Energizing Galvanic Gel containing burdock to regulate sebaceous secretions and allantoin to soothe and hydrate the skin.
Includes face, neck, shoulder and hand massage.


Men's Signature Facial      
60 mins $90     75 mins $125     90 mins $150
A classic deep pore cleansing facial with eucalyptus oil & steamed towels, detoxifying scrub, relaxing massage for scalp, neck, shoulders and hands.  Great for treating ingrown hairs, razor bumps, uneven skin tone and blemishes.

Advanced  Acne Treatment  
75 mins $125

A results oriented facial to deep cleanse, control and balance oil secretions, reduce irritation and clear up breakouts.  Recommended for male acne sufferers from adolescent to adult.  Several treatments recommended along with customized home care will insure clean, clear skin.

AHA / Enzyme Peel 
30-40 Min $75   
Superficial Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)  peels are great for a quick skin exfoliation without discomfort and/or recovery period. The skin will appear smoother, firmer and healthier.  A thorough analysis of the skin is done to determine type of peel.  Glycolic acid, lactic acid, pumpkin, cranberry or similar peels may be used. A series of 4- 6 is recommended for noticeable results.

Add-on any AHA Peel to any facial when deeper exfoliation is desired.  Only $35

Precision Chemical Peels
30 - 45 mins $175 - $400

Sun damage, acne or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred. If you want your skin to look smoother and younger, consider a chemical peel, which uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers.

Each type of peel has its own specific uses and it depends on skin color, texture, level of imperfections and elasticity to determine what chemical solution works best. Your esthetician will determine if you need a stronger or lighter solution within each grade of the chemical peel.

More about chemical peels...

Epicuren Lifting Treatment
60 mins $135         
80 mins $180
Stimulating and rejuvenating with cinnamon spice peel and protein enzymes for lifting, toning and tightening. This exclusive "face-lift" facial treatment is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation, toning, and collagen stimulation. The nourishing and collagen boosting effect can still be felt weeks later. Ideal before abig party or event, your face will immediately look firmer and feel tighter.


Essential Spa Massage
30 / 60 / 90 Minutes        $45 / $75 / $115
The primary goal of our customized Essential Spa Massage is to relax the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Typically referred to as Swedish Massage this type of body treatment also utilizes additional techniques to go beyond relaxation. Exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension and stress.

Signature Massage
60 / 90 Minutes              $115 / $150
All the relaxing and de-stressing elements of our Essential Spa Massage with the added benefit of your choice of 2 Massage Enhancements.

Choose From:
Deep Tissue/ Sports
Seasonal Aromatherapy
Back Scrub
Back Mud Mask
Scalp Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy
Hands or Feet Therapy
Dry Body Brushing


Swedish Detox Massage
60 / 90 Minutes          $115 / $150
Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, this form of bodywork is designed to naturally detoxify and rid the body of unhealthy toxins. Utilizing dry body brushing and specific essential oils of citrus and coffee bean to aid in the elimination of toxins and assist in stimulating blood circulation.


Enhancements can be added to any massage service to customized your spa experience. One enhancment for every 30 minutes. *Does not extend the time of the massage.

Deep Tissue
Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through long slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tensed areas. Improves body alignment and freedom of movement.

Warm Stones
Harnessing the properties of the volcanic Basalt stones, which are bathed in warm water and anointed with essential oils. The stones are moved over key energy points on the body evoking an aura of warmth. The deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to relieve muscle tension and balance the spirit.

Sports Therapy
Similar to deep tissue but focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. More vigorous and deeper than Swedish massage and may include pressure point massage, stretching, and other modalities to release tight muscles and release built up lactic acid..
Scalp Therapy
Essential oils massaged into scalp & hair for deep relaxation.

Back Mud Mask
Therapeutic and detoxifying remedy for the back.

Aromatherapy Oils

Incorporates the use of essential plant and vegetable oils into the massage session. Inhale and exhale to release whatever ails you. Special blended Aromatherapy oils address a wide range of concerns, from stress relief to jet-lag.

Hand Therapy
Relief for tired aching hands. Includes exfoliation and reflexology.

Foot Therapy
Relief for those tired aching feet. Includes exfoliation and reflexology.

Back Scrub
Invigorate, cleanse and soften the much neglected back area.

Soothing Leg Gel
Revive tired, swollen legs w/ a refreshing blast of energy.

Dry Brush Therapy
Exfoliate and detoxify the body through vigorous dry brushing.
Extra Massage Time
When you need just a little more relief. In 15 min increments.



These treatments may be added to any massage service to customized your spa experience. Additional fees apply and requires additional treatment time.

Reflexology ~ 30 mins $45
An ancient Chinese technique applying pressure to points mainly on the feet but also on the hands and ears which correspond to specific organs and structures of the body. This therapy addresses all areas of the body by stimulating circulation and opening up reflexology zones.

Body Scrub ~ 30 mins $45
Using uplifting therapeutic pumice to gently removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, a replenishing aromatic cream is smoothed onto the body for deep penetrating moisture.



Hair Removal for Him
Say goodbye to tweezers, razors, and unwanted hair. Our skilled estheticians use superior waxing products and techniques to provide perfectly shaped brows, and silky smooth skin. Our new leg and arm wax has a growth inhibitor so you won't have to wax as often!  *Please inquire if we have select esthetician's that perform men’s full Brazilian waxing.


Full leg from $70

Chest from $45

Half leg from $40

Stomach from $20

Full Back from $55

Brows $28  

Half Back from $35

Ears $15

Full Arms from $50

Nose wax $30

Half Arms from $35

 Bikini from $55

Spa Packages for Men
Designed especially for the Spa's male clientele and their unique needs. Available for purchase all year

Our ultimate relaxation and revitalization spa day just for Him. Includes our new Signature Massage with Back Scrub and Hot Stones. The Deep pore cleansing and hydrating Hydradermie Men’s Facial. And finally an exfoliating & revitalizing hand and foot therapies. cost $265 ($325 value) Buy Now 

The basics for a fine groomed man. Starting with a  30 min stress busting Massage, next a deep cleansing Facial Detail & Scalp Massage.   
$145 (a $185 value!) Buy Now.

   Simple Tips for Men’s Skin Care

P       Practice a consistent skin care regimen morning and night, even if it’s simply washing with cleanser and using a good moisturizer. Daily face care will keep pores unclogged & healthy.

   Before shaving, take a warm shower or steam face with a warm cloth to soften the pores.

  Use a pre-shave oil or cream to soften and set the face for a close shave.

    Daily shaving can dry out the skin and cause bumps and irritation.   Do not shave with plain water or over the counter foam or gels that contain alcohol or petroleum chemicals. We recommend shaving you’re your daily cleanser or chemical-free shave cream.  A favorite with our male clients is Epicuren Shave Cream. Buy

      A swivel-head razor will decrease nicks, as opposed to a disposable razor. Replace the blade often. A dull blade does not provide a close shave and can be irritating to the skin.

     Splash the face with cold water or better yet use an alcohol free toner after shaving to tighten pores and rehydrate the skin. Dermatologists recommend using a daily hydrating moisturizer and SPF. 

     After shaving, skin should be soothed with an after-shave balm or calming moisturizer. Men’s skin also should be protected from the sun for optimum health. Look for chemical-free sunscreens or moisturizers with an SPF of 15 or higher for best protection especially during outdoor sports or prolonged sun exposure.

     Use a fruit acid exfoliation (AHA like glycolic or salicylic acid) or physical (pumice scrub) exfoliate 2-3 times a week to keep pore clean and prevent ingrown hair.

     Visit your esthetician quarterly for professional treatments and to keep you on track with your skin’s needs.

    Avoid chemical-laden over the counter (OTC’s) skin care products from department stores and drug stores.

     Always purchase skin care products from a licensed professional or online site you trust. If you are unsure what to buy for your skin call or email us and we will happily recommend some great products.  Click here for an online consultation, stop by the spa or call us at 562-427-1025

 Check out The SkinSpa Blog for more skin care tips http://theskinspablog.blogspot.com/


Products for Oily Skin 

Epicuren Gelle  Buy
Jan Marini BioGlycolic Buy
Guinot Microbiotic Buy
Guinot Mens Cleanser Buy

Epicuren Protein Mist Buy
Epicuren Propolis Mist Buy
Epicuren Med Acne  Buy
Guinot Microbiotic Toner Buy

Epicuren Facial Emulsion Buy
Epicuren Propolis Lotion Buy
Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel Buy
Epicuren Noni Gel Buy
Guinot Pur Balance Cream Buy

Epicuren Zinc Oxide Buy


Products for Acne
please consult your esthetician before buying medicated acne products

Epicuren Med Acne Buy
Jan Marini BioGlycolic Buy
Guinot Microbiotic Buy

Benzyl Peroxide Scb Buy

Epicuren Acne Astringent Buy
Epicuren Propolis Mist Buy
Guinot Microbiotic

Epicuren Aloe Gel Buy
Epicuren Noni Gel Buy

Guinot Pur Balance  Buy
JM Transformation lotion
JM BioClean Lotion

Acne Medications:
Epicuren Spot treat
Epicuren Lancer gel
Guinot Acnelogic
JM BioClear
JM Acne Gel 1

Epicuren Zinc Oxide Buy
JM Antioxident SPF Buy



Products for Normal/Combo Skin 

Epicuren Citrus Herbal Buy
Jan Marini Glycolic Buy
Guinot Mens Cleanser Buy

Epicuren Protein Mist Buy
Epicuren Propolis Mist Buy

Epi Evening Emulsion Buy
Guinot Aftershave Balm 
JM Transformation lotion

Epicuren Zinc Oxide Buy
Epicuren Xtreme Cream Buy
JM Antioxident SPF Buy


Products for Dry Skin 

Epicuren Herbal Buy
Jan Marini Glycolic Buy
Guinot Mens Cleanser Buy

Epicuren Protein Mist Buy
Epicuren Propolis Mist Buy

Epicuren Hydro Plus Buy
Guinot Aftershave Balm Buy
JM Transformation lotion

Epicuren Zinc Oxide Buy
Epicuren Xtreme Cream Buy
JM Antioxident SPF Buy